Friday, January 7, 2011


Our Zen Master instructor suggested that we look at the works of the great masters throughout the ages, and that we try to copy a painting from one of such great artists of the past.. I selected a painting from "Monet".  Since this attempt is quite far from a "Monet" it became a "Ronet".  But just going through the process, many great lesson have been learned.  And, I admire Monet's work even more.
(To be continued....)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Last week, we had our 2nd Art lesson with the Zen like Master Art Teacher, ChanKerk.  Today's lesson focused on the appreciation of color, the primary colors and their relationships to each other.  Color is just one aspect of painting.
We learned about the properties of color, such as "tone", "intensity" and "hue". By tone, he referred to shades of very dark to very light of the same color.  But tone is relative to the tones around it. The same tone will appear darker if the surrounding tones are light and lighter if the surrounding tones are darker.  With intensity, we are referring to the brightness of the color. Brighter colors are cleaner, less mixed.  Hue, refers to the feeling of warmer or cooler. Colors closer towards red are considered "warmer" and colors closer to blue are consider, "cooler".  We learned the primary colors are red. blue and yellow- from these colors one can make any other color.

Not only must one must learn to see and appreciate the differences in color, but as an artist one needs to learn how to accurately re-create the color that is needed.   Not an easy feat for a beginner, thank goodness- one cannot go too far wrong with a Lemon. :)

While, this is only my second art lesson (ever!), I have to say I think I have discovered and awakened within me a hidden passion for painting.  I've always admired art, but not until recently have I ever thought about taking art lessons.  I've been too busy using my left brain all these years, its time to give the right brain a chance.

I feel art, opens up not only your eyes, but your soul.  Life becomes more special, more miraculous. You start to pay attention to the fine details of things, whether it be a simple lemon or a tree in the park.  I find myself  not just walking by things in a blur, but really "seeing" them, their shape, their size, their variance of color.  I appreciate nature, so in walking in the park, I find myself studying the trees, noticing all the different shapes and colors that make up a single tree- it's amazing.  I also study the beach, the shoreline and the sky.
And because now I see it with fresh eyes, I appreciate everything all the more. Everything is precious and unique.  Anything that passes before me, is a possible subject of study. Beauty is all around,  its everywhere.  You just have to open your eyes,  stop and really look- and when you do- your soul also opens.    I think some of you may know what I mean, if not, take an art painting class and you will see.. :)