Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Last night, a friend and I took our first ART  lesson with a group of twelve. It was a very beginner class, very informal, Art 101- no experience or talent required.  The instructor "Chankerk" is very talented, humorous, and informal.  He is the living Zen Master of Art teachers, in his own way.  We all had a very enjoyable time, the main art tips that I recall from the evening are summarized below. As I write down the art tips below, I also see that some of them may also be good tips for living your life as well, are they not? :)  

Find the center.
Start big, then work out the smaller details.
We may start with dark, then light.
Keen observation is key.
Notice how the light does not fall equally on all parts.
Feel it, rather than think or analyze it.
Right brain, rather than left.
Everyone is unique in their style.
You will make mistakes and its O.K.
Learn from your mistakes but know that it is all a learning experience.